Papp App


Important Features

Community counselling

The Papp app has built-in features that allow the users to seamlessly connect with each other for counselling purposes.

Quality-oriented audio and video conferencing modes enable users to connect with each other in a flick of switch.

Fostering robust communication between the mentor and mentee through communication-oriented features and functionality stack.

Making An Impact

The PAPP app improved the youth’s connection and communication with trusted mentors.

Equipped with the latest technology and designed after thoroughly studying the competitive landscape, the PAPP app provides the youth a platform where they can seamlessly connect, share and learn from their mentors.

Papp App
Papp App

Video Conferencing

The Papp App has a video conferencing feature that enables users to foster a better communication experience. The robust technology integrated within the Papp App to support video conferencing ensures a stable and seamless connection between the mentor and mentee.

The PAPP App From A Technical Standpoint

From laying the foundation of the PAPP app on Laravel, to integrating a robust feature stack, to making the application available on native iOS and Android – we left no stone unturned to ensure maximum viability.

Each feature integrated was mapped out to meet user needs, after conducting research into what motivates them to take action. The goal was to craft an experience that fostered a culture of healthy communication, increased positivity, and connectivity.

Papp App
Papp App

The App’s Value Driven Mechanism

A top-tier mobile application was crafted for the targeted audience and client. We kept the core values of the PAPP app in sight through each phase of its development, and ensured that our client’s vision clearly came through.

The idea was to create a platform where we could reshape the youth’s perception of authoritative individuals, who may often be seen as cold and unrelatable, to dependable protectors - not just “enforcers”.

We created a user-oriented mobile application that harnessed the power of modern technologies to improve the communication experience between the youth and their mentors.

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