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Ether Legends Collectible
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Ether Legend

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Ether Legends is an artful, lighthearted NFT blockchain collectible trading card game that’s powered by Enjin, Polygon and the Ethereum Network. Players have the opportunity to earn via playing and while collecting NFT companions and characters in order to more intensively engage in the multi-player trading card game.

Ether Legends is a unique concept that’s based on collecting various tokens for in-game modifiers to earn more, with engaging PVPbattle that offers players to continually scale up their characters, companions and more.

Ether Legend Ether Legend
Ether Legend

The Underlying Concept & Requirement

As per recent research, people and governments, the blockchain and NFT space is one of fastest and most significantly growing one, with people increasingly investing time and money. Indeed, according to Statista, the global spending on Blockchain-related solutions will be approximately $6.6 billion by the end of 2021 and is projected to expand to $19 billion by the end of 2024. The gaming industry and concept of owning your game content through tokenization is only expected to grow with the help of Blockchain technologies

The Client

Elementeum Games is a dedicated sponsor of blockchain based games that’s widely known for advocating contemporary trends that illustrate the potential for exponential growth. And that’s why they wanted to provide a platform for people to utilize the blockchain to earn money, own digital assets (through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s), while having fun within the interactive, gamified environment.

Ether Legend
Ether Legend
Ether Legend Ether Legend

The Problem

Elementeum Games already had an existing a block-chain based mobile game incrementally developed since 2019 on (Android & iOS) in which players were potentially able to:

  • 01

    Play to earn NFT’s, and various tokens

  • 02

    Continue gaming ambitions without the need or involve contemporary cash at all

  • 03

    Link to Ethereum, Polygon and other blockchain wallets for seamless NFT connectivity, use-case and digital content ownership contemporary cash at all

  • 04

    Choose character NFT’s for PVP battle with leaderboard concepts

However, the game had various functional issues due to poor development and programming practices followed by the previous development firm, and that’s when the client approached TekRevol to help with stabilizing as well as further scaling the game.

Ether Legend Ether Legend

Tekrevol’s Solution

Considering that the Initial requirements of the concise and precise brief provided by the client, it was clear to Tekrevol that engaging a dedicated team comprised of specialized resources in design, blockchain, database and Unity 3D would be the best way to stabilize and scale.

We were excited to embrace the challenge and started with first identifying, isolating and fixing the existing issues with the backend architecture. We then moved on to the graphical, UI/UX enhancements and improvements, subsequent to which the backend and game development resources initiated work on such features such as Meta Mask wallet integration (for seamlessly linking player accounts with the Ethereum Network), real-time notifications, and battle environments connected to Blockchain environments.

Ether Legend Ether Legend
Ether Legend

The Result

Per the client’s initial vision, TekRevol successfully finished and deployed a player-focused game, with a seamless integration to Blockchain fundamentals and continues to work the scaling aspects, single player (AI) and additional concepts that had to be put on hold in order to stabilize the game. The future concepts include more Blockchain integration, game mechanics and the ability for players to seamlessly claim NFT’s through the app interfaces.

The Ether Legends game is interactive, and user friendly with catchy characters, artwork and appealing environments that elevate the gaming experience, with player owned assets and a play to earn ecosystem.

Ether Legend Ether Legend
Ether Legend Ether Legend
Ether Legend

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